How to Prevent Fake Facebook Profiles

I’ve now heard a handful of stories from friends and family over the last few months who’ve had fake versions of their Facebook profiles set up and then had their real friends invited to “friend” this fake account.

Often times it’s impossible to know there’s a problem because the accounts look identical.  The imposter steals your public images (mainly profile photo and cover photo) and any other public info you’ve shared in order to recreate your identity (school, job, etc).

The goal, I assume, is to create an opportunity where the imposter can eventually start posting spammy content directly into all of your friend’s newsfeeds (all the while your friends believe it’s you).


Well, you can’t stop people from setting up the profile but you can stop them from inviting all your friends to connect.  AND you can setup a campaign to get the profile shut down by having all your friends report the fake profile.  Click here to find out how.

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